Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Storey Shophouse Concrete Floor On Victoria Street Heritage Zone For Sale For Rent

A completely renovated 3 storey shophouse on Victoria Street is now available for rent and sale in the market now. The said premise has land area about 2200sf and total built-up about 5500sf. Concrete floor with 2' x 2' tiles and manager rooms on 1st floor. Freehold, many parking lots in front of the building. Suitable for budget hotel use. RM3.4Mil and RM9000 rental.

(Above) Ground floor

(Above and behind) Bathroom

(Above) Ground floor store room

(Above and below) 1st floor manager rooms

(Above) Bathrooms on 1st floor

(Above and below) 2nd floor view

(Above) Kitchen cabinet on 2nd floor

(Above) Toilet on 2nd floor

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