Monday, April 26, 2010

Presgrave Street 2 Adjoining House For Sale (Unavailable)

2 adjoining House for sale at RM1Mil on Presgrave Street, total land area about 3500sf. Freehold. Walking distance to Prangin Mall.

Properties sold.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hutton Lane 3 Adjoining Shop For Sale And Rent

Hutton Lane 3 adjoining double storey house for sale at RM3.6Mil and for rent at RM1200 each. Total land area about 14000sf.

(Above) Land behind the properties

(Above & Below) Hall view.

(Above) Kitchen view.

(Above & Below) Staircase and 1st floor view.

Off Macalister Road Double Storey House For sale (Unavailable)

Off Macalister Road a double storey house for sale at RM450K, can be commercial use. Freehold, land area about 700sf, timber floor.

Madras Lane Double Storey Shop For Rent (Unavailable)

Madras Lane double storey shop for rent at RM2300 per month, renovated. Located just behind Public Bank Macalister Road. Suitable for office.
Property rented.

(Above) Hall View
(Above) Staircase
(Above) Bathroom and toilet and the back

(Above) 1 big room on upstairs and bathroom.

Macalister Road Double Storey Shop For Rent (Unavailable)

Rental asking for RM4500 per month, very nice location. Land area 1350sf about 15' x 90', timber floor.

Shop rented.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kedah Road Burnt Down Detached House For Sale (Unavailable)

A burnt down detached house with land area about 2700sf on Kedah Road for sale at RM420K.
Property Sold.

Siam Road Double Storey Shop For Rent & Sale (Unavailable)

A renovated double storey shop on Siam Road for sale at RM700K and for rent at RM1800 per month. Car porch available in front.
Property not available.

Batu Ferringhi 3 Storey Shop Corner Unit For Rent (Unavailable)

A 3 storey shop corner unit for rent in Batu Ferringhi Sungai Emas, walking distance to Hotels, facing main road, located at very strategic spot.

Shop rented

5 Storey Building For Rent On Off Beach Street

Off Beach Street a 5 storey building for rent at RM6000 per month, walking distance to banking area.