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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Double Storey Heritage House For Sale On Hutton Lane (Unavailable)

A bargain heritage pre-war house for sale on Hutton Lane at RM350K, already restored and rented as shop. This picture shows before renovated conditon. Walking distance to Penang Road.
Land area about 714sf, built-up about 1100sf. Freehold.
Property sold. 16/4/09

(Above) Side view towards Penang Road.


  1. Hi Raymond. What's the land and built up area of this unit? Freehold?


    p/s: you have my number

  2. Land area about 714sf and built-up about 1100sf.

    Amy, I don't have your number.

  3. Would anyone have any idea whether Presgrave Street is under World Heritage or not? Would appreciate a reply or website to look into. Thks! Pearl

  4. Presgrave Street is in heritage buffer zone. More heritage houses can be found in

  5. HI Raymond, I am looking in buying a heritage bungalow that I would like to convert into a B & B. It need not be renovated as I plan to do my own refurbishment. Would you be able to contact me with lists of properties and photos as well? Do send to

  6. Do you have any more property on Hutton Lane for sale? Got pic & price?

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