Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Double Storey Corner Semi Detached For Rent, Pantai Jerjak (Unavailable)

Double storey semi detached corner unit in Pantai Jerjak with 4000sf for rent at RM1700 (Updated on 22/10/09) per month. Suitable for confinement centre, nursery, kindergarten, tuition centre.

House rented. 17/12.09

(Above) Big side compound.
(Above) Side view
(Above) Hall view.
(Above) Common and attached bathroom.
(Above) Space at the rear of the house.
(Above) 2nd hall upstairs and room view.
(Above) Master bedroom view.
(Above) Room view and kitchen.
(Above) Balcony and what you will see from there.

(Above) Side view pictures taken from the house.

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