Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jalan Gurdwara 4 Storey Shophouse For Sale & Rent, Georgetown (Unavailable)

A 4 storey shop corner unit for sale on Jalan Gurdwara (Previously was Brick Kiln Road). Land area about 3500sf, ground floor rental at RM4500 per month, selling at RM1.9mil.
Shop rented.

(Above left) Big side land.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Adjoining Shop For Rent On Jalan Gurdwara, Georgetown (Unavailable)

Rented 21/4/09
Jalan Gurdwara previously was Brick Kiln Road, it is a one-way-street but a busy road. The shops are directly opposite GAMA Supermarket. Please note that the shophouse were burnt before, but already under repaired. (No casualty, in case if you want to ask).

Suitable for small retail. Ready to go at RM1300 each unit with special term and condition. Contact me for the detail.
(Pictures taken on 26/2/09)
(Above left) The said property is at right end corner.
(Above) No roof yet.

(above and below) Badly damaged due to fire.

(Above) Oppsite GAMA Supermarket.

D/Shop For Rent Rangoon Road, Georgetown (Unavailable)

Shop rented 20/6/09
Rangoon Road a double storey shophouse for rent. Rental RM2200 per month, width 20 feet and length 90 feet. Suitable for warehouse, office.

(Above) Sideview.

Shop 1st floor For Rent In Midland, Pulau Tikus (Unavailable)

Shop rented 21/4/09
Suitable for hair saloon, spa, beauty saloon, Rest & Relax concept tea house, light refreshment...located at very hot and demanding area on Persiaran Midland. Just walk to One-Stop Midland Complex. Clean, renovated and ready for operation.

Rental asking RM1700 per month

Double Storey Corner Semi Detached For Rent, Pantai Jerjak (Unavailable)

Double storey semi detached corner unit in Pantai Jerjak with 4000sf for rent at RM1700 (Updated on 22/10/09) per month. Suitable for confinement centre, nursery, kindergarten, tuition centre.

House rented. 17/12.09

(Above) Big side compound.
(Above) Side view
(Above) Hall view.
(Above) Common and attached bathroom.
(Above) Space at the rear of the house.
(Above) 2nd hall upstairs and room view.
(Above) Master bedroom view.
(Above) Room view and kitchen.
(Above) Balcony and what you will see from there.

(Above) Side view pictures taken from the house.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 Storey Corner Shop For Rent on Siam Road, Georgetown

3 storey corner shophouse for rent on Jalan Siam at RM5000 per month (Enitre shop). Ground floor at RM2500, 1st floor at RM1500 and 2nd floor at RM1000. Near to Times Square Complex. Land area about 2100sf.

(Above left) the land beside.
(Above right) No problem for car parks in front.

(Above) Side view from the shop. Siam Road is a busy road.
(Above & below) Ground floor view.
(Above) 1st floor view.
(Above) View from 1st floor and bathroom on 1st floor.
(Below) 3rd floor suitable for residential.
(Above) Rooftop area an be used for yoga class and other activity for your staff.