Saturday, December 27, 2008

Double Storey Heritage Houses For Sale On Stewart Lane, Georgetown. (Unavailable)

These are 7 units of heritage houses located on Stewart Lane, behind the famous a-century-old chinese Guan Yim Temple. Stewart Lane is a must-visit route for tri-saw heritage sight seeing. Tourists in tri-saw convoy trip can be seen in every afternoon.

Property sold. 17/12/09

(Above right) Ground floor of a unit, smells aged.
(Down) However, the properties seems to be neglected for quite sometime. You can see they are all in bad condition. One of them even was burnt before.

(Above right) This unit was burnt before.

(Above) View towards Stewart Lane from the premises.

(Down) These 2 houses beside were restored not long ago. But they are not included for sale. There is another unit in Stewart Lane which is restored and repaired is asking for sale at RM700K each. If you don't want to be involved in all the hassle of renovation, you may contact me for viewing that renovated house.

If you are into your own unique antique taste, please consider these 7 houses at RM4.6Mil in total with land area nearly 15,000sf. Average RM660K each unit.
*As per requested by the vendor, price adjusted in January 2009.

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